About Lifetime Asset Management

Founded 2014




At Lifetime we have an affinity and passion for developing transparent, low-cost, high value retirement savings and income solutions that New Zealanders can have confidence in.

The Lifetime Asset Management Limited (Lifetime) is a subsidiary of Retirement Income Group and was founded in 2014 by Managing Director Ralph Stewart.


Lifetime Asset Management currently manages apx. $1 Billion of funds under management. 

Lifetime offers a number of products for people saving for retirement and those within retirement. Lifetime is known for developing unique retirement income solutions with Lifetime Retirement Income (dynamic reliable retirement income solutions) and our soon to launch Lifetime Home product, which will look to supplement peoples retirement income with equity from their home. Further to this Lifetime offers Garrison Bridge Superannuation Scheme (your NZ scheme for UK pension transfers), Lifetime Workplace Savings Scheme, the Superannuation Master Trust, Future Lifestyle Plan and Personal Superannuation Scheme. 


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