Frequently Asked Questions –
Future Lifestyle Plan (FLP)


Transition from AMP to Lifetime Asset Management (Lifetime)

On 30 September 2023, Lifetime took over management of the Future Lifestyle Plan (FLP) from AMP. You will have received a communication from AMP confirming that the process is complete and the new Lifetime fund(s) that you are invested in.

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Getting in Contact (we are here to help)

For all queries please contact us at or call 0800 266 268.


Communication from Lifetime in the Future

Lifetime’s preferred method of communication with you will be via email. If we have an email address on your account we will be emailing you in future, unless you expressly ask us not to.

If we do not have your email address on file, we will work with you to update these details. Equally if you would prefer to be communicated with through the post please let us know.

You can also update your email address by contacting or call 0800 266 268


Who is Lifetime Asset Management?

Lifetime Asset Management is the new manager of the Future Lifestyle Plan. Founder and Managing Director, Ralph Stewart started the company a decade ago, which is now managing $1 Billion of retirement savings for over 17,000 customers.

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Lifetime offers several products for people saving for retirement and those within retirement.

Lifetime is known for developing unique retirement income solutions with Lifetime Retirement Income (dynamic reliable retirement income solutions) and our soon to launch Lifetime Home product, which will look to supplement people’s retirement income with equity from their home.

Further to this Lifetime offers Garrison Bridge Superannuation Scheme (your NZ scheme for UK pension transfers), Lifetime Master Trust (a workplace savings scheme) and the Superannuation Master Trust.


Have you got a Direct Debit?

If you have a Direct Debit for the Future Lifestyle Plan, you do not need to do anything as this will automatically switch over.


Have you got an Automatic Payment?

If you have an automatic payment for contributions, you do not need to do anything, your automatic payment will continue as normal.

Important Bank Information

The Future Lifestyle Plan Bank details have not changed.

If you make occasional deposits to your Future Lifestyle Plan account, you can continue to do this.


Six-Monthly Annual Statement

The six-monthly Future Lifestyle Plan Statement as at 30 September 2023 will be completed by AMP, and this will be sent to you by 13 October 2023.

In the future Lifetime will move to complete one statement annually.


How does Lifetime keep my investment secure?

The Future Lifestyle Plan is registered as a legacy superannuation scheme under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (FMCA).

The manager of the Plan is Lifetime Asset Management Limited (Lifetime). Lifetime is also the investment manager and administration manager of the Plan. Lifetime have appointed Link Market Services Limited to maintain the investor register and financial records for the Plan.

The supervisor of the Plan is The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited (NZGT). The custodian of the Plan is Adminis Custodial Nominees Limited (Adminis).

Both the supervisor and custodian are completely independent of Lifetime.

Lifetime’s role is to manage the investments in line with the Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO). The SIPO can be found on the Fund Options page on our website. Click to View.

NZGT is licensed by the Financial Markets Authority under the Financial Markets Supervisors Act 2011 to act as a supervisor in respect of superannuation schemes. Their function is to ensure Lifetime meets its obligations to investors including ensuring that fund investment comply with the SIPO. Lifetime provides regular monthly reporting to the supervisor.

All investors’ money is held in trust by the custodian. No investor funds are held by Lifetime or within the Lifetime Company


The Names of the Funds have changed

The past names for the AMP Funds and new names under Lifetime for the Future Lifestyle Plan, as well as the new underlying investment manager(s) are shown below:


AMP FLP fund name

Lifetime FLP fund name

FLP Conservative Fund

Lifetime Conservative Fund

FLP Balanced Fund

Lifetime Balanced Fund

FLP Dynamic Growth Fund

Lifetime Growth Fund

FLP Cash Fund

Lifetime Cash Fund


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Who are the underlying Lifetime investment managers?

Lifetime has selected a range of underlying investment managers in its investment suite, where all equity (except Australian), global bonds and property asset classes will be index-managed and only Australian equities, cash and NZ fixed interest asset classes will use actively managed funds.

For the full detail on the funds and change in underlying investment managers for each Future Lifestyle Plan fund, please refer to the Future Lifestyle Plan Statement of Objectives and Policy (SIPO) which has been updated and is available on the Disclose register and on our website or please contact us at or call 0800 266 268 if you have any questions.


Do you have an online portal?

Lifetime is setting up an Online Portal for Future Lifestyle Plan customers to be able to access their current account data and investment performance. We will be in contact with you when this is set up including instructions on how to set up your access.


What will happen to my QROPS money?

Lifetime will continue to manage all QROPS requirements (including HMRC reporting).


Can I change my contributions to Future Lifestyle Plan?

You can change or stop contributions to your investment at any time. If you have a direct debit or automatic payment set up, you will need to change the amount of the contribution.

You can also make a lump sum contribution to your investment at any time, the minimum lump sum contribution is $250.

You can make additional contributions and changes through the form below.

Changing your Investment Portfolio 

Can I change the funds I am invested in?

You are able to switch the funds you are invested in.

You can make changes through the form below.

Changing your Investment Portfolio


Can I make a partial or full withdrawal?

If your funds are unlocked, you can make a partial or full withdrawal at any time. If your funds are locked in, the same Future Lifestyle Plan rules apply.

If you are unsure if your funds are locked in, please contact Lifetime at or call 0800 266 268

You can make changes through the form below.

Withdrawal Form


Can I change my regular withdrawal?

You can change or cancel your regular withdrawal at any time.

Please contact us at or call 0800 266 268.


What fees do I pay?

Total Fund charges:

The Annual Fund charges since Lifetime took over management of Future Lifestyle Plan have reduced from the AMP fees.  The former and current charges are detailed below. Fees quoted are before the deduction of member fee rebates. The weighted average fee after rebates for the scheme is 1.18% p.a. 



FLP Fund


AMP Total Annual Fund Charges (estimated)

Lifetime Total Annual Fund Charges (estimated)

FLP Conservative Fund



FLP Balanced Fund



FLP Dynamic Growth Fund



FLP Cash fund





What tax do I pay?

Future Lifestyle Plan is not a portfolio investment entity (PIE). The amount of tax you pay on your investment returns is based on the multi-fund single superannuation scheme tax rate of 28%. Lifetime intends to make the scheme a PIE within 12 months.


What will my investment returns be?

Returns for your Future Lifestyle Plan investment are not guaranteed and will fluctuate depending on investment market movements, currency fluctuations and interest rate changes. The one, three and five year historical returns are available on our website.

Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance. You should assess your tolerance for risk and timeframe for investing before choosing a fund. Contact us at if you would like to discuss which fund is best for you.